Aoyoumei multifunctional pedometer 7 days memory pedometer large screen ranging time display 9873 pedometer

Apr. 3,2020

Product features and specifications

1. Product Chinese characteristics description:

(1) Step / distance / calorie / dual line LCD display

(2) Activity time: Record the time of daily exercise

(3) 12 / 24-hour time display

(4) 7-day memory function (can store 7-day memory data)

(5) with back buckle

(6) Power supply: DC3V (CR-20321PC)

(7) Product size: 573717mm

2. Product English feature description: -Step count / Calories / Distance function-Double Line LCD display-Activity timer: Record your daily walking time-Clock with 12 / 24houre display format-7 days memory: recall pedometer activities up to 7days-Built -in Spring Coil Action belt clip-Power source: DC3V (CR-20321PC) -Unit dimension: 573717mm


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