Philips Wellcom BiPAP ST ventilator

Philips Wellcom BiPAP ST ventilator

Product parameters: BiPAP ST

Origin: United States

Category: Bilevel BIPAP ST Ventilator

Ventilation mode: CPAP, S, S / TIPAP: 4 -30 cmH2OEPAP: 4 -25 cmH2OCPAP: 4 -20 cmH2O Boost: 0 -45 min breathing frequency 0 -30 BPM inspiration time 0.5 -3.0 sec pressure rise time 100- 600 ms (1 to 6 steps)

Dimensions: 180mm × 140mm × 100mm

Weight: 1.36 kg

Noise: less than 30 dB

Patient disconnect alarm: Yes

Apnea Alarm: Yes

Low minute ventilation alarm: Yes

Display parameters: pressure, leakage, tidal volume, minute ventilation, and respiration rate

Compliance parameter: breath detection

Height compensation: automatic

Automatic switch function: Yes

Humidifier: integrated heating humidifier

Filters: dust and ultraclean filters

Power requirements: 100-240 V

Warranty period: 1 year

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