Philips Wellcome 560P ventilator

Philips Wellcome 560P ventilator

English name: System One REMstar Auto (560P)

Category: CPAP AUTO Intelligent Single Level Full Automatic Voltage Regulator

Origin: United States

Dimensions: 18 cm (length) x 14 cm (width) x 10 cm (height)

Weight: 1.36 kg

Ventilation mode: CPAP, APAP

Pressure range: 4 -20 cm H2O

Height compensation: automatic

Data show: 7 days and 30 days average

SD data card: can store data for one year

Delay boost time: 0 -45 minutes

Delayed boost pressure: 4 to CPAP pressure

Release Technology: A-Flex

Automatic switch function: Yes

Compliance: Breath Detection

Filters: dust and ultrafiltration membranes

Humidifier: integrated heating humidifier

Power requirements: 100-240 V

Detailed introduction of ventilator:

Product Features: Philips Wellcome 560P automatic continuous positive pressure ventilator is produced in the United States, is a CPAP AUTO intelligent single-level fully automatic ventilator officially launched by Philips Wellcome worldwide. The latest highlights of the 560P series are: With the addition of a pressure-regulating thermostatic heating tube, the ventilator will automatically adapt to changes in room temperature and no longer produce condensate. The advanced system integration function automatically makes the perfect match between the treatment airflow and the humidification level. No matter how the room temperature changes, the airflow reaching the mask is always warm and humid (if not needed, conventional ordinary pipelines can still be used), which

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