Philips Wellcome 760P ventilator

Philips Wellcome 760P ventilator

English name: system One BiPAP Auto (760P)

Origin: United States

Category: BIPAP Bi-Level & BiPAP Auto Inspiratory Pressure IPAP: 4 -25 cmH2O Expiratory Pressure EPAP: 4 -20 cmH2OFlex Pressure Release Technology: Bi-Flex Delayed Boost Time: 0 to 45 minutes Delayed boost initial pressure: 4 to EPAP; patient adjustable

180mm × 140mm × 100mm

Weight 1.36 kg

Device control: LCD keypad

Filter: Dust filter and ultra-clean filter Equipment control: LCD control knob Data display: 7 days and 30 days average SD data card: Can store data for one year Compliance parameter: Breath detection height compensation: Automatic

Automatic switch function: Yes

Humidifier: integrated heating humidifier

Filters: dust and ultraclean filters

Power requirements: 100-240 V

Detailed introduction of ventilator:

Product Features: Philips Weikang 760 fully automatic bi-level positive pressure ventilator is produced in the United States. It is a new BIPAP AUTO intelligent two-level fully-automatic ventilator officially launched by Philips Weikang. This brand new automatic two-level ventilator perfectly combines Wellcome's advanced process technology to create an advanced two-level ventilator on the market. The latest highlights of the 760 series are: With the addition of a thermostatic heating tube, the ventilator will automatically adapt to changes in room temperature and no longer produce condensate. The advanced system integration function automatically makes the perfect match between the trea

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