Registration Information of Medical Protective Masks of Provincial Drug Administration

Apr. 28,2020

Provincial drug regulatory department medical protection mask registration information serial number registration certificate number product name registrant name 1 Sichuan Machinery Injection Standard 20172640092 disposable medical protection mask Sichuan Youbang Enterprise Co., Ltd. 2 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140004 medical protection mask Chengdu Xinjin Shifeng Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 3 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140012 Medical Protective Mask Sichuan Haihui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 4 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140015 Medical Protective Mask Sichuan Sichuan Prius Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 5 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20162640060 Medical Protective Mask Jiangxi Bomei Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 6 Gan Machinery Injection 20162640087 Medical Protective Mask Nanchang Chaoyang Healthcare Products Co., Ltd. 7 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20172640057 Medical Protective Mask Jiangxi 3L Medical Products Group Co., Ltd. 8 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140033 Medical Protective Mask Nanchang Enhui Medical Hygiene Materials Co., Ltd. 9 Shanghai Machinery Injection Standard 20182140299 Medical Particle Protection Mask Minnesota Mining Manufacturing Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 10 Ji Machinery Injection Standard 20152640101 Medical Protection Mask Liaoyuan Guangerjie Disinfectant Co., Ltd. 11 Mechanical Injection Standard 20202140033 Medical Protective Mask Changchun Aolant Biochemical Pharmaceutical Machinery Scientific Research Base Co., Ltd. 12 Hebei Mechanical Injection Standard 20162640324 Medical Protective Mask Hebei Shengwanbao Medical Products Co., Ltd. 13 Hebei Mechanical Standard 20172640229 Medical Protective Mask 14 Ji Machinery Injection Standard 20172640230 Medical Protective Mask Zhuozhou Fumei Aegis Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 15 Ji Machinery Injection Standard 20172640241 Medical Protective Mask Hebei Pagoda Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 16 Ji Machinery Injection Standard 20172640365 Medical Protective Mask Hebei Rongxiang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 17 Hebei Mechanical injection standard 20202140070 medical protective mask Tianjin Zhuorui Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. 18 Hebei mechanical injection standard 20202140106 medical protective mask (non-sterile) Hebei Baota Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 19 Hebei mechanical injection standard 20202140036 medical protective mask Handan Hengyong protective clean Supplies Co., Ltd. 20 Ji Machinery Injection Standard 20202140094 Medical Protective Mask Tianjin Zhuorui Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. 21 Ji Machinery Injection Standard 20202140135 Medical Protective Mask Langfang Kangyi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. 22 Ji Machinery Injection Standard 20202140096 Medical Protection Mask (non-sterile) Hebei Xiaoshi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 23 Tianjin Machinery Injection Standard 20162640137 Disposable Medical Protective Mask Ryansen (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 24 Tianjin Machinery Injection Standard 20172640203 Disposable Medical Protection Mask Tianjin Yuanhang Industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. 25 Tianjin Machinery Injection Standard 20202140811 disposable medical protective mask Tianjin TEDA Clean Materials Co., Ltd. 26 Tianjin Machinery Injection Standard 20202140850 medical protective mask Zhongjian Medical Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 27 Tianjin Machinery Injection Standard 20202140812 medical protective mask Tianjin Bozhen Sanitary Supplies Co., Ltd. 28 Beijing Machinery Injection Standard 20172640749 Medical Protective Mask Beijing Zhongbei Bojian Science and Trade Co., Ltd. 29 Beijing Machinery Injection Standard 20202140044 Medical Protective Mask Beijing United Kangli Medical Protective Equipment Co., Ltd. 30 Beijing Machinery Injection Standard 20202140080 Medical Protective Mask Natong Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 31 Liaoning Machinery Standard 20142140020 Medical Protective Mask Shenyang Shengshi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 32 Liaoning Machinery Standard 20142140021 Medical Protective Mask Shenyang Shengshi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 33 Liaoning Machinery Standard 20202140069 Medical Protective Mask Liaoning Shengjingtang Biotechnology has Limited company 34 Liaoning Machinery Standard 20202140070 Medical Protective Mask Liaoning Shengjingtang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 35 Liaoning Machinery Standard Standard 20202140113 Medical Protective Mask Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. 36 Liaoning Machinery Standard 20202140072 Medical Protective Mask Shenyang Baokang Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. 37 Lu Mechanical injection standard 20152640335 Medical protective mask Shandong Aida Medical Products Co., Ltd. 38 Lu mechanical injection standard 20152640382 Medical protective mask Qingdao Shengjiu Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. 39 Lu mechanical injection standard 20162640185 Medical protective mask Qingdao Mingyaotang Medical Co., Ltd. 40 Lu mechanical note Quasi 20172640062 medical protective mask Shandong Sinuo Medical Devic


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