Registration Information of Medical Surgical Masks of Provincial Drug Administration

Apr. 28,2020

Provincial drug regulatory department medical surgical mask registration information serial number registration certificate product name registrant 1 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140005 Medical Surgical Mask Sichuan Xinglin Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 2 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140008 Medical Surgical Mask Chengdu Kanghuijing Technology Co., Ltd. 3 Sichuan machine injection emergency quasi 20202140009 medical surgical mask Chengdu Shennongtang Industrial Co., Ltd. 4 Sichuan machine injection emergency quasi 20202140010 medical surgical mask Sichuan Hengming Technology Development Co., Ltd. 5 Sichuan machine injection emergency quasi 20202140011 medical surgical mask Kangda Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd., Suining City, Sichuan Province Company 6 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140013 Medical Surgical Mask Sichuan Aiyi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 7 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140018 Medical Surgical Mask Sichuan Sanhe Medical Materials Co., Ltd. 8 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140023 Medical Surgical Mask Sichuan Pharmaceutical Preparation Co., Ltd. 9 Sichuan machine injection emergency quasi 20202140025 medical surgical masks Sichuan Shuanglu Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 10 Sichuan machine injection emergency quasi 20202140031 medical surgical masks Sichuan Anlan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 11 Sichuan machine injection emergency quasi 20202140034 medical surgical mouth Sichuan Pres Biotech Co., Ltd. 12 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140037 Medical Surgical Mask Yibin Liya New Material Co., Ltd. 13 Sichuan Machinery Injection Emergency Standard 20202140044 Medical Surgical Mask Sichuan Sichuan Yue Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 14 Sichuan Machinery Injection Standard 20152140045 Medical Surgery Masks Chengdu Xinjin Shifeng Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 15 Sichuan Machinery Injection 20152640045 Medical Surgical Masks Chengdu Xinjin Shifeng Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 16 Sichuan Machinery Injections 20162640108 Medical Surgical Mask Chengdu Medical Materials Factory 17 Sichuan Machinery Injection 20172640062 Disposable Use of sterile medical surgical masks Sichuan Kangbo Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 18 Sichuan Machinery Injection Standard 20172640090 Disposable medical surgical masks Chengdu Mingsen Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 19 Sichuan Machinery Injection Standard 20172640091 Medical Surgical Masks Sichuan Youbang Enterprise Co., Ltd. 20 Sichuan Machinery Injection Quasi-20182640101 disposable medical surgical masks Chengdu Wenjian Likang Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. 21 Yunnan Machinery Injection Standard 20192140071 medical surgical masks Kunming Kangye Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 22 Yunnan machinery injection standard 20192140072 medical surgical masks Yunnan Kangfan Medical Devices Limited company 23 Yunnan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140008 Medical Surgical Mask Kunming Baolikang Medical and Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. 24 Yunnan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140012 Medical Surgical Mask Kunming Shuanglong Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd. 25 Yunnan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140013 Medical Surgical Mask Yunnan Sanxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 26 Yunnan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140017 Medical Surgical Mask Yunnan Kangbeishitao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 27 Yunnan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140019 Medical Surgical Mask Yunnan Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. 28 E Machinery Injection Standard 20142142016 Medical Surgical Mask Steady Medical (Huanggang) Co., Ltd. 29 Hubei Machinery Injection Standard 20162642252 Medical Surgical Mask Wuhan Xiezhuo Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. 30 Hubei Machinery Injection Standard 20162642263 Medical Surgical Mask Ogilvy Medical Products Co., Ltd. 31 Hubei Machinery Standard 20162642282 Medical Surgical Mask Wuhan Kangfufu Technology Co., Ltd. 32 Hubei Machinery Note 20172642448 Medical Surgical Mask Wuhan Weiqin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 33 Hubei Machinery Standard 20172642474 Medical Surgical Mask Honghu City Star Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 34 Hubei Star Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 34 Hubei Machinery Standard 20192142701 Disposable surgical masks and hats for stable medical treatment (Huanggang) Limited company 35 Hubei Zhunong 20202142861 disposable medical surgical masks Kingstar Medical (Xianning) Co., Ltd. 36 Hubei Zhunong 20202142864 medical surgical masks Hubei Zhuoya Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 37 Hubei Zhunong 20202142879 medical surgical masks Wuhan Hua Shida Protective Equipment Co., Ltd. 38 Hubei Medical Standard 20202142883 Medical Surgical Masks Hubei Qianjiang Jianghe Medical Material Co., Ltd. 39 Hubei Province Qianjiang City Jianghe Medical Materials Co., Ltd. 39 Hubei Province Standard Jiangxi 20202142884 Medical Surgical Masks Xianning Aike Medical Products Co., Ltd. 40 Hubei Machinery Standards 20202142885 Medical Surgical Masks Kingstar Medical Products Co., Ltd. 41 Hubei Injection Standard 20202142892 Disposable Medical Surgical Mask Xiantao Ruixin Protective Equipment Co., Ltd. 42 Hubei Standard Injection 20202142905 Medical Surgical Mask Hengtian Jiahua Nonwoven Co., Ltd. 43 Hubei Standard Injection 20202142914 Medical Surgical Mask Hubei Fuxin Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 44 Ganshu Injection Standard 20202140006 (Provisional) Medical Surgical Mask Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 45 Gansu Injection Standard 20202140013 (Provisional) Medical Surgical Mask Gansu Lankang Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. 46 Gansu Injection Quasi 202021400 18 (Temporary) Medical Surgical Mask Lanzhou Gem Flower Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 47 Gan Machinery Injection 20162640039 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang Xiangyi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 48 Gan Machinery Injection 20162640061 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Bomet Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 49 Gan Mechanical Injection Standard 20162640113 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Hengbang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 50 Gan Machinery Standard 20162640157 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Lankang Industrial Co., Ltd. 51 Gan Machinery Standard 20162640222 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang Yierkang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 52 Gan Machinery Note Quasi 20162640285 medical surgical mask Jiangxi 3L Medical Products Group Co., Ltd. 53 Gan machinery injection standard 20172640019 medical surgical mask hat Jiangxi 3L medical products Group Co., Ltd. 54 Gan machinery injection standard 20172640027 medical surgical mask Nanchang Feixiang Latex Products Co., Ltd. 55 Gan machinery injection Quasi-20172640046 medical surgical masks Jiangxi Hai Ford Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. 56 Gan machinery injection standard 20172640185 medical surgical mask Nanchang Jianpeng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. 57 gan machinery injection standard 20172640206 disposable surgical mask hat Jiangxi Kemei Medical Apparatus Group Co., Ltd. 58 Gan Machinery Standard 20172640207 Disposable Surgical Mask Jiangxi Kemei Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. 59 Gan Machinery Standard 20182640054 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Kangya Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. 60 Gan Machinery Standard 20182640133 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Huaqiang Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. 61 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20192140196 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang Eisai Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 62 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20192140279 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Gemei Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. 63 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20192140293 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Xiankang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 64 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20192140353 Medical Surgical Masks Jiangxi Kelun Medical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 65 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202070079 Medical Surgical Masks Nanchang Demeikang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 66 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140018 Medical Surgical Masks Chaoyang Medical Care Products in Nanchang Co., Ltd. 67 Gan machinery injection standard 20202140024 medical surgical mask (non-sterile) Nanchang Enhui Medical Hygiene Material Co., Ltd. 68 Gan machinery injection standard 20202140038 medical surgical mask Jiangxi Jinsheng Medical Instrument Group Co., Ltd. 69 Gan machinery injection standard 202 02140039 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Changqing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 70 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140040 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Grance Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 71 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140043 Medical Surgical Mask Jiangxi Weide Medical Health Management Co., Ltd. 72 Gan Machinery Standard Application 20202140045 Medical Surgical Mask Yingtan Rongjia Group Medical Devices Industrial Co., Ltd. 73 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140048 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang Kanghua Health Materials Co., Ltd. 74 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140050 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang Kaixuan Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 75 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140055 Medical surgical masks Nanchang Weikang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 76 Gan machinery injection standards 20202140057 Medical surgical masks Nanchang Tongda Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 77 Gan machinery injection standards 20202140061 medical surgical masks Jiangxi Xiangen Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. 78 Gan machinery injection standards 20202140063 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang Aokang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 79 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140069 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang Yuhua Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 80 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140078 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang Hengkang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 81 Mechanical injection standard 20202140080 medical surgical mask Nanchang Huayi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 82 Gan machinery injection standard 20202140085 medical surgical mask Jiangxi Hongda Medical Instrument Group Co., Ltd. 83 Gan machinery injection standard 20202140088 medical surgical mask Jiangxi Baoer Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. 84 Gan machinery injection standard 20202140100 medical surgical mask Nanchang Fuda Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 85 Gan machinery injection standard 20202140101 medical surgical mask Nanchang Kangjie Medical Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. 86 Gan machinery injection standard 20202140105 medical surgical mask Jiangxi Lihua Xinlang Pharmaceutical Technology 87 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140130 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang Jiangnancheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 88 Gan Machinery Injection Standard 20202140135 Medical Surgical Mask Nanchang City Ganda Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 89 Gui Machinery Injection Standard 20182660050 Medical Surgical Mask Textile Source Medical Supplies Group Co., Ltd. 90 Gui Machinery Injection Standard 20202140047 Medical Surgical Mask Yixin (Nanning) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 91 Gui Machinery Injection Standard 20202140058 Medical Surgical Mask Guangxi Changxin Technology Co., Ltd. 92 Gui Machinery Injection Standard 20202140086 Medical Surgical Mask Guangxi Shuangjian Technology Co., Ltd. 93 Black Machinery Pro Injection 20202140007 disposable medical surgical masks Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Pharmaceutical Factory 94 Black Machinery Pro Injection 20202140009 disposable medical surgical masks Qiqihar Hengxin Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. 95 Black Machinery Pro Injection 20202140022 disposable medical surgical masks Heilongjiang Shenghua Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. 96 Black Machinery Pro Injection 20202140030 Disposable Medical Surgical Mask Harbin Jinlong Sanitary Material Factory 97 Black Machinery Pro Injection 20202140034 Medical Surgical Mask Harbin Clove Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 98 Black Machinery Pro Injection 20202140038 Disposable Medical Surgical Mask Heilongjiang Bokang Medical Sterilization Co., Ltd. 99 Black Machinery Injection Standard 20172640047 Disposable Sterile Medical Surgical Mask Harbin Angel Health Material Factory 100 Black Machinery Injection Standard 20182640018 Disposable Medical Surgical Mask Harbin Jisheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. Medical Devices Branch 101 Shanghai Machinery Injection Standard 20152640802 Medical Surgical Mask Shanghai Honglong Medical Supplies Equipment Co., Ltd. 102 Shanghai Machinery Injection Standard 20162640540 Disposable Medical Surgical Mask Medicon Medical Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 103 Shanghai Machinery Injection Standard 20172640044 Disposable Medical Surgical Masks Shanghai Jiean Industrial Co., Ltd. 104 Shanghai Machinery Injection Standard 20172640651 Anti-Fog Mask Medical Surgical Mask Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 105 Shanghai Machinery Injection Standard 20202140023 Medical


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