ResMed S9 VPAP ST Bilevel Ventilator

Apr. 2,2020

ResMed S9 VPAP ST dual-level ventilator Origin: Australia Category: Bi-level BIPAP ST ventilator Parameters: Product weight: 810g Product size: 153 mm x 140 mm x 86 mm Noise level: 24 dB Working mode: S, ST, T, CPAP Inspiratory pressure IPAP: 3-25cmH2O Expiratory pressure EPAP: 3-20cmH2O Delayed boost: 0-45 min Turbo technology: Easy breathing motor Altitude compensation: Yes Air leakage compensation: Yes Automatic switch on and off: Yes Large Screen breathing monitoring display: High-resolution airflow information (exclusive) SlimLine (exclusive) ClimateLine (exclusive option) External power supply voltage range: 110-240VSD Data card: With humidifier: H5i Warranty period: 1 year

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